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Do you love science fiction?

Psychic Investigator Azral Nemia can sense an alien attack on Earth is imminent. She fears that these creatures will wipe out humanity.

Though she has more immediate concerns as a supernatural serial killer is on the prowl, and it wants to feast on her flesh. She must use her psychic powers and twist the hands of fate to survive…

“That was the best!” -Darren Hegewald

 Welcome to my Website and blog! You’ll find a lot more about my characters origin stories and more on the blog, and news of discounts and upcoming books!

You are also free to laugh at my humor because I do! Stay awesome! Happy reading!!


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Adam Watt is an award-winning independent Science Fantasy author. He is currently writing book two of his Rebirth Shades of Apocalypse trilogy.

The first book is set in Boise, Idaho and follows the story of Tod, a man who overcomes great adversity in the face of an apocalyptic alien invasion.

Tod and his compatriots embark on a galaxy-spanning quest to defeat The Supreme Commander, rescue entire worlds from his evil tyranny and save the universe from complete destruction.