The Rebirth: Future of Destruction

version-2Visions of Doom

Flame flowed through the streets of LA like a tidal surge. People scream in terror as their lives burn away. An alien spaceship soared through the sky as it blasted apocalyptic fire down onto the city. More screaming; more cries of agony. A strange creature the size of a husky appeared on the Hollywood Hills sign, its ant-like mandibles filled with razor-sharp spikes, chattering at a woman. The creature’s blue insect body quivered in anticipation of a quick meal.

Its long front legs had sharp membranes in between its wrists and shoulders, and three sharp talons on its fingers. The alien curved its spine, preparing to pounce on this woman. As the girl screamed, the creature leaped off the hill and landed on the woman’s chest and started tearing her flesh. The woman screamed, and then there was only silence. This Eviscerator severed her head and feasted on the flesh. The monster looked in my direction; fear engulfed me as I waited to die.


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