Book teaser #1


13:22 hours

Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho

General Bradley McKnight began to pour himself his favourite alcoholic beverage – a Malt Whiskey. He had heard rumours of an emergency briefing, and emergency briefings boded trouble. A General for five years now, he knew that trouble implied excessive paperwork and involved headaches. He just prayed that it wasn’t something involving Russian nukes, or ISIL terrorism or a combination thereof. Still deep in his thoughts he saw Lieutenant Jason Nedley, with his crisp uniform and his standard military haircut, approach him. Saluting, he said, “General McNight, Sir! I have been asked to alert you to an emergency briefing at 22:00 hours. There will be a lot of other base commanders in attendance too.”

General McNight gave his thanks to the man, and with a salute, the two parted ways. In just over nine hours the emergency briefing would start. “Great,” General McNight said to himself. With the recent disturbing news, he decided to pour himself another shot of malt whiskey, as he thought, “If this is a get-together with other base commanders then this must be pretty bad. Thank God for this liquid courage.” He looked up at the picture of his late wife Deborah, tipped his shot glass and said, “Cheers Deborah. Wish me luck because Heaven knows I’ll need it.”

What do you guys think? Are you excited about the launch?  I know I am.

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