Book Sales Copy Show and Tell

I would like to show you guys my new sales copy book descriptions. Let me know what you think, and if they make you interested

The Rebirth – Shades of Apocalypse

Enticing, challenging, fast-paced and a tightly woven engaging story that will grab the attention even of the most demanding reader in a sec? Well, a lot more than that.

A fascinating sci-fi story that will allow you to embark on the most engaging adventure. A page turner that will initiate you to an exciting adventurous world. A world which is in the brink of destruction and doom.

Meet the Tao Vak, an evil alien species, whose mission is only one: Wipe out humanity. Follow Tod, our hero,  in his quest for revenge and attempt to become a hero by encountering this menace.

A captivating story unlike anything else you have read so far.


The Rebirth  Future of Destruction

When your ugliest fears become a reality, your brightest strengths become a necessity.

That’s what LADP Psychic investigator Azral finds as a serial-killer investigation confirms that her dreams about an alien invasion that threatens to destroy the Earth suddenly come the crudest and most disturbing truth.

Let yourself go on a journey with Azral about defeating the odds, stopping brutal aggressors, and seeing just how resilient and inspired we all can be in face of the darkest of times.

Here’s my longer version.

The Rebirth Future of Destruction

What would you do if dreaming about an alien-powered apocalyptical scenario turned out to be a premonition of a harsh and very crude reality that you knew you had to stop?

LADP Psychic investigator Azral is suddenly faced with a serial-killer police investigation that features the same brutal odd patterns that she had already seen in her premonitory nightmare…

A nightmarish alien war on Earth that ends up being started on that very day, prompting Azral to go on a journey where her bravery and psychic powers are her only weapons to liberate a planet and its inhabitants from a defeat that seems pretty inevitable as the world literally starts to fall apart.

Jump into Azral’s exciting journey of adventure, which will inspire you to take your dreams seriously and thrive despite all the odds.

Give me your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, and give me some likes… If you like.

Hope you guys have an awesome week!


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