The Power of Writing

In this blog post, I will be discussing some changes that are happening.

I will be rewriting both of my stories – The Rebirth Future of Destruction and The Rebirth Shades of Apocalypse.

I have enrolled myself into a college-level grammar and punctuation course so that I will become a much more skilled writer because my readers deserve better writing from me. Building a story is one thing but writing it down in such a way that it becomes easy to read and flows well is another.

To become powerful in writing, you need not only an excellent vocabulary you also need the right type of education.

If you want chocolate fudge, you need the chocolate AND the sweetened condensed milk.

And microwave for about a minute. Stir and pour into a square dish, put it in the fridge for an hour, slice.

Yep, I just gave you a chocolate fudge recipe.

What do you guys think?

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Writing

    1. adamwattbooks Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post! I can certainly cook and bake well enough. I really like fudge too! It’s easy to make and tastes like heaven as it sits there on your tongue, savoring each second until you decide to eat it. Mmm… Fudge…

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